Belonging to Beloved Community

Building Beloved Community is a choice to recognize everyone’s inherent value.

Beloved Community is rooted in love, reconciliation, and belonging. In times of division and conflict, it sustains us, makes us more resilient and enables us to find pathways forward together. By telling our stories, we invite each other into being our whole selves. We discover and live into the truth of our interconnectedness.

Self-Reflection & Conversation

Reflect on a time when you knew you belonged, unconditionally. What made this belonging possible? Gather in a circle and share a story about belonging with family, friends, or co-workers. Invite others to share their story.

Community Practices

Create spaces and opportunities for people to authentically connect with each other.

  • Consider opening a gathering or meeting with storytelling. For example, these questions can be particularly powerful: What is the story of your name? All of your names?
  • Intentionally create spaciousness for human to human connection whether you are gathering for work or play, grieving or celebration. Plan for time to welcome ALL of us, all of who we are, into the space.

“Every day we choose love and in this love everyone belongs to beloved community. Everyone.”

We Choose All of Us Poetic Vision