Our Story

In November 2016, a group of people in Boise, Idaho came together out of a growing consciousness and a hunger for a new way of being, to create a new future narrative for Idaho and beyond.

We came together as a community with purpose, intentionally turning toward one another and the poetic vision of We Choose All of Us. We centered the voices and lived experiences of people and communities targeted and directly impacted by the forces of fear, hate, and violence that have become more visible and empowered.

Each month, we came together and All of Us was welcome. We breathed and moved together. We sat in a circle and shared the stories of our whole selves – the stories of our names, all our names; the stories of our people and their resilience. When hard truths were shared, we turned to wonder.

We Choose All of Us is about our deepest values, our connection to the world and to each other, about love and resilience, about seeing each other’s whole selves, and valuing that wholeness. It is about choosing to act and living into these values. We hope for radical empathy and a world where love is love and kindness is everything.

What emerged out of these conversations were five poetic themes to build community and inspire a movement of individuals who share our worldview and our bold vision of change. We seek to build and create Belonging to Beloved Community, Living in Harmony and Abundance, a world where Water is Life, Earth is Sacred, where we commit to Restoring Wholeness, Our Spirit and Humanity, and where we truly are Stronger Together. We believe these themes will move us into a future narrative now where everyone is valued and everyone can thrive.

What also emerged is a new way of being – relationships based on mutuality, an abundance and sharing of resources, organizing across social justice issues with impacted communities at the center.

Our community will continue to come together and expand. We are committed to supporting each other inspired by our themes and strategies, and fueled by our deepened relationships, our collective vision and purpose. When you join, you become part of the we in We Choose All of Us.

Anna Almerico
Adriane Bang
Jim Baugh
Van Beecher
Toni Brinegar
Malia Collins
Tracy Darling-Demarcus
JamieLou Delavan
Gina Finley
Dina Flores Brewer
Chelsea Gaona Lincoln
Dusty Ginner
Bonnie Glick
Kathy Griesmyer

Jimmy Hallyburton
Leta Harris Neustader
Emilie Jackson Edney
Lisa Kramer
Csea Leonard
Mel Leviton
Bryan Lyda
Jennifer Martinez
Jeff Matsushita
Casey Mattoon
Sam Mayfield
Deanah Messenger
Delanie Miller
Kelly Miller

Hadiel Mohamed
Estefania Mondragon
Leo Morales
Irma Morin
Mercedes Muñoz
Gloria Muñoz
Zoe Ann Olson
Kathleen Palmer
Belia Paz
Christine Pisani
Jason Prettyboy
Micaela Rios
Sonya Rosario
Michael Rupp

Fernando Sandoval
Wyatt Schroeder
Yara Slaton
Roger Sherman
Julie Stevens
Juli Stratton
Mistie Tolman
Liliana Vega
Norma Wong
Anthony Yenason
Kristen Zimmerman