Restoring Wholeness, Our Spirit and Humanity

We regenerate the links between mind, body, and spirit. We pause, breathe, and do the work inside and out.

Drawing from wisdom passed through generations, we gather the strength to carry out our sacred responsibility to care for one another and the Earth.

Self-Reflection & Conversation

In your own experience, how would you describe sacred? Reflect on a time, place, or relationship that felt sacred to you. What made this sacred and why?

Community Practices

Use intentional breathing and/or mindfulness “breaks” to help you transition from one activity to another, or from work or school to home.

  • These can be as short as three, low and s-l-o-w breaths or as long as 15-20 minutes.
  • In times that are particularly stressful, busy or overwhelming, use physical movement, such as stretching your arms overhead on the inhale and down on the exhale, to help you slow down and take big, full breaths.
  • Consider walking instead of sitting to connect with family or friends, or for gatherings and meetings

“We are whole humans being, we believe in our collective humanity and our deep connections to all living things.”

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