Story Share Challenge – Winning Submissions

A world where everyone can thrive & it starts by telling your story.

We choose a world where everyone is valued, where everyone is safe, and where everyone can thrive. It all starts by telling your story.

Everyone has a story. When was the last time you told your story? When was the last time someone told you their story? How can storytelling lead to empathy and understanding?

Idaho students in 9th – 12th grade participated in the Story Share Challenge to build empathy and understanding in their school and community! The challenge was based on the ideas from Colum McCann and Narrative 4’s Story Exchange.

School-Wide Submission Awards (over 75% of the student body participated in a story share) – $1000

  • Gem State Adventist Academy

Classroom/Club Awards (i.e. English, Art, Debate, or any class or club) – $500

  • Nampa High School – TRIO Club
  • Capital High School
  • Rocky Mountain High School
  • South Junior High School
  • Parma High School