Story Share Challenge

A world where everyone can thrive & it starts by telling your story.

We choose a world where everyone is valued, where everyone is safe, and where everyone can thrive. It all starts by telling your story.

Everyone has a story. When was the last time you told your story? When was the last time someone told you their story? How can storytelling lead to empathy and understanding?

Encourage Idaho students in 9th – 12th grade to participate in the Story Share Challenge to build empathy and understanding in your school and community! This challenge is based on the ideas from Colum McCann and Narrative 4’s Story Exchange.

3 easy steps!

Step 1 – Pick a theme (5 minutes)

Each student should choose from and respond to one of these three themes to get started:

  • Belonging to Community
  • Stronger Together
  • Restoring Wholeness, Our Spirit, and Humanity


Download the guide for more information and prompts on the themes!

Step 2 – Find a partner and share your story

Next, partner with someone you don’t know very well, then share your response to step 1 with your partner. Once you have each told your story, practice telling your partner’s story back your partner in the first-person point-of-view. The retelling of your partner’s story should take between 2-4 minutes.

Once you and your partner have had a chance to practice telling each other’s stories, join two or three other groups and have each member of the larger group tell their partner’s story using the first-person point-of-view.

Step 3 – Post your reflection by the deadline March 23, 2018

With your original partner, reflect on how hearing and telling someone else’s story impacted you. Telling other people’s stories using the first-person point-of-view is a way to truly put yourself in another person’s shoes and practice empathy. Make sure you have agreement from your partner to record and capture the debrief in writing, audio, or video to enter the challenge! Capture your reflection right away, either by making a short video, an audio clip, or a written or artistic/visual reflection. By capturing your reflection right away, the experience will still be fresh in your mind.


  • $1,000 (up to five awards) – School-Wide Submission (over 75% of the student body needs to have participated in a story share)
  • $500 (up to five awards) – Classroom/Club (i.e. English, Art, Debate, or any class or club)
  • $250 (up to ten awards) – Individual

All submissions must score over 80 points to be eligible for an award. All individuals, classes or schools who enter the Story Share Challenge will receive a We Choose All of Us T-shirt!

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