Together We are Stronger

By repairing past and current harms in our communities, we bring new possibility to the future.

We know that we are stronger, more vibrant, and even more resilient when we celebrate our multiculturalism and diversity. By shedding our judgment and assumptions, we commit to truth telling and deep listening.

Self-Reflection & Conversation

Who are your people? What is the past, present, and future story of your people? All of your people?

Community Practices

Cultivate a practice of courageous truth-telling and deep listening. Example prompts include:

  • Our culture devalues and dehumanizes people based on their identities. How has this shaped us? What would it take to create communities that value each and every person?
  • What hard truths do we need to face about the legacy of white supremacy and the way it is surfacing in this moment?


In pairs or small groups, share reflections one at a time while the others actively listen in silence.

  • What is possible together, that is not possible alone? How might we learn, grow, be stronger from our differences?
  • What do we need to be able to honor, hold, hear in each other in order to fully appreciate and make room for the beauty and challenge of our different experiences?

“We are all part of this story. We believe in the power of what we speak and sing, in connection, in transformative conversations.”

We Choose All of Us Poetic Vision