We Choose All of Us Poetic Vision

With sacred responsibility, in silence, we look to the stars for lessons of interconnection, and abiding spirit.

We choose all of us.

We are a people who choose
A world where everyone is valued
where everyone is safe
where everyone can thrive.
A world where love is love and kindness is everything.
Nothing less than this.
Every day we choose love
and in this love everyone belongs to beloved
We are whole human beings,
we believe in our collective humanity and our deep
connections to all living things, to air, water, fire, and
earth that sustain us.
In our wholeness we are many branches of one family,
one community, one people with many roots.
We are those who no longer remain in physical form,
and those who do not yet exist in body,
the fallen trees and dried rivers, the dandelion seeds
who have yet to sprout.
We will create the world we want to see and
move forward with courageous love and mutual
We are all part of this story.
We believe in the power of what we speak and sing,
in connection, in transformative conversations.
We choose to tell the whole story,
in all its pain, fear, and poison,
healing the wounds that constrain our dreams.
We believe listening will transform hearts and minds,
cultures and systems.
When believe when we imagine together, we can
achieve the unimaginable.
Together, we can change everything.
We commit to bringing forth a world rooted in
interdependence, resilience, and regeneration.
We commit to weaving together our stories and our
We commit to finding our way back to our ancestors,
ourselves, and each other;
through kindness,
through strength,
through community,
and through love.
We will value and respect each other.
We will see our interconnectedness and honor our
We will celebrate each other and listen deeply; hear
and be heard.
When we are struggling, we will struggle together
to become a part of something bigger than ourselves.
We will live into this new story of Idaho
With sacred responsibility, in silence,
We look to the stars for lessons of interconnection,
And abiding spirit.
We believe in the wonder of what wholeness can look
like; the small glimmers of this place, first; and then
the soft voice, growing stronger and clearer, until this
world is fully realized.
Our choices have power.
We will be bold.
We invite you in.
We choose all of us.
We Choose All of Us Community of Purpose, 2017
In collaboration with Malia Collins along with contributions from Ariel
Jacobson, Kristen Zimmerman and Kelly Miller


Tai Boutviseth is a recent graduate from Borah High School in Boise, Idaho. “Art is an inspiration to me, it can convey so many messages and can lead to the transformation and innovation. It always has been an outlet for me since I was never good at expressing my emotions or thoughts. The power of art can inspire so many others. Pushing a message forward so that everyone is aware or merely telling a story of one’s past. Art helps build courage, it builds communities, and it doesn’t make you feel alone. Its makes you feel part of a larger community. Hopefully with my illustrations it can show how strong we are as a community. No matter what you are, we can accomplish things together.”